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Warsaw NGO Support Centre (SCWO) is a free support system for NGOs working for Warsaw and its inhabitants. We directly support foundations and associations. We also work with public officers who cooperate with NGOs as well as Social Dialogue Committees.

How do we support NGOs?

SCWO's goal is to support associations and foundations in institutional development. Both newly developed organisations and those operating for a number of years are welcome to make use of the offer.

At SCWO we know that non-governmental organisations are different from each other and therefore their needs are different. That is why our free offer is tailored to fit the specifics of organisations’ operations on different levels of institutional development, as well as concrete needs arising from managing a particular foundation or association.

SCWO offer

SCWO's offer is complex and diverse, which allows each NGO to choose what best answers its needs and in turn increase the quality and effectiveness of its work.

Financial and non-financial cooperation with the city of Warsaw, accountancy and reporting, diversifying sources of funding, using new technologies in the organisation's work – these are only a few of the topics we deal with at SCWO.

The support is provided by experts in their fields who are also well acquainted with the realities of the third sector.

In SCWO, organisations can choose from (among others):

  • individual consultations and advice for organisations
  • trainings and seminars
  • webinars
  • rooms and co-working spaces
  • annual education cycles
  • assistance in organising meetings and trainings
  • warszawa.ngo.pl – website supporting Warsaw NGOs.

Check out how we supported NGOs in 2017.

Who else can use the offer of SCWO?

We realise that in order for an NGO to develop, it is important who it cooperates with and what is the quality of this cooperation. This is why we not only support individual organisations, but also representatives of the city of Warsaw public administration who have contact with NGOs working in Warsaw.

Our actions are also targeting Social Dialogue Committees, as we are aware of the importance of social dialogue and the cooperation environment.

Who created SCWO?

SCWO is a partner project created by five organisations, which have been supporting the institutional development of NGOs for many years:

  • SZPITALNA CENTRE Federation/Federacja CENTRUM SZPITALNA (szpitalna.ngo.pl)
  • Mazowia Federation/Federacja Mazowia (mazowia.org.pl)
  • Civil Society Development Foundation/Fundacja Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Obywatelskiego (frso.pl)
  • The BORIS Association/Stowarzyszenie BORIS (boris.org.pl) [project leader]
  • Klon/Jawor Association/Stowarzyszenie Klon/Jawor (klon.org.pl)

Where will I find more information about SCWO?

Full offer of the Warsaw NGO Support Centre can be found at: warszawa.ngo.pl/scwo

If you need more information about the SCWO, please contact:

  • Joanna Krasnodębska (The BORIS Association), joannak@boris.org.pl phone no. 0048(22) 620 31 92 ext. 12
  • Ewelina Markowska (The BORIS Association), ewelina@boris.org.pl, phone no. 0048(22) 620 31 92 ext. 11

If you want to order SCWO promotional materials, please contact:

Natalia Klorek (Klon/Jawor Association), natalia.klorek@portal.ngo.pl.

If you want to stay up to date with SCWO news:

  • Check out warszawa.ngo.pl website.
  • Like us on Facebook.
  • Sign up to our newsletter sent of Mondays and Thursdays – in Polish (check „Warsaw” in regional information).

Project “Warsaw NGO Support Centre” is co-financed by the City of Warsaw.